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High End

Interior Design 



We are a personalised, multi award winning design team with over 40 years combined experience.

The company offers a variety of design services for domestic and commercial projects. These range from complete refurbishments to schemes for soft furnishings, furniture and bespoke kitchen designs.

When designing a building our approach is to always work from the inside out. Our core creative offer encompasses both architecture and interior design.

Alongside our creative services we all offer a dedicated purchasing service and on-site supervision.

We offer you complete flexibility on your project. Whether it is a full ‘from scratch’ design, interior refurb or a specialist kitchen, we have the skill set, confidence and experience to provide you with a professional, cost effective solution, whilst working within your timescale and budget.

Brereton Pinnington Design specialises in creating spaces that emphasise the process of construction — knowledge gleaned from close and continued collaboration with builders, architects, our clients, suppliers and tradesmen. This collaboration leads to clean, rich, imaginative designs that marry strikingly innovative thinking about function with a deep respect for the traditions of everyday living and lifestyles.